2017 GDC Animation Bootcamp Talks


Monday, February 27th will mark the Fifth Annual Animation Bootcamp at GDC!

What started five years ago to fill the void of animation knowledge sharing has grown into THE place to speak about all things game animation. And this year is no different! From Indie to AAA, we have the people working on some of the best animated games out there, breaking down the specifics of their animation processes. Be it communicating personality or design, if you love talking about what make interactive characters come to life, you won’t want to miss it.

We hope to see you there!

And without further ado, the talks and presenters are:

Animation Microtalks
After the success of last year’s microtalks, kick off GDC with their specific brand of fast-paced, high-energy talks. 1 hour, 10 professionals, all dedicated to educate, entertain and inspire with rants, raves, observations and wild musings on animation and the industry as a whole.
Lana Bachynski Animator at Blizzard Entertainment
Tim Borrelli Animation Director of First Strike Games
Gwen Frey Co-Founder of The Molasses Flood
Matt Conn CEO of MidBoss and Executive Producer for GaymerX
Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda, Freelance Animator and Co-Director at Dames Making Games
Matthew Russell Senior Animator and Designer at Amazon Game Studios
Mariel Cartwright Art Director, Lead Animator and Head of Story at Lab Zero Games
Matt Majers Animator at Pixar
Shahbaz Shah Senior Animator at Telltale
Mike Jungbluth Lead Animator at Volition

Animating Uncharted 4 – A window into Naughty Dog’s animation workflow

This presentation uncovers the methodologies used by Naughty Dog to bring the characters of Uncharted to life. We will delve into the unique culture of Naughty Dog as well as uncover the animation pipeline from concept to console, including previs, our motion capture process, achieving seamless transitions, tracking assets, and communicating feedback.
Jeremy Yates Lead Animator at Naughty Dog

Animation Prototyping in Uncharted 4

This talk will show how animation prototyping can play a very important role in development. Instead of waiting for design or programming  to make decisions about a feature, we, as animators, can help to make those decisions easier by creating prototypes that help visualizing features. Prototypes from “Uncharted 4” will be showcased.

Almudena Soria
Lead Animator at Naughty Dog


Cuphead Process and Philosophy
An artist on the upcoming hand-drawn indie game ‘Cuphead’ explains his design and animation processes, as well as some practical ideas and tips.
Jake Clark Animator at Studio MDHR

The First Person Animation of Overwatch

Each member of Overwatch’s diverse cast of heroes has a lovingly crafted visual design and a distinct personality. How does one maintain this sense of character in a game primarily experienced through the first person? This talk dives into the artistic and technical challenges of creating personality in first person animation while staying true to the designer’s intent for gameplay. How would McCree reload a revolver and can you do it in 45 frames?
Matt Boehm Animator at Blizzard

Pushing Boundaries: Animating Expansion Packs for the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Sebastian will talk about the most important upgrades in our pipeline and workflow based on a few cool examples we did in the last year of the Witcher 3 production. He will explain how they delivered so many animations in the year with better quality and why he put so much weight on improving planning, communication between departments, character motivation and why “being the rebel” is the lifestyle.
Sebastian Kalemba Animation Director / Head of Animation at CD Projekt RED

Motion Capture Performance: An Actor’s Approach

Actors are learning motion capture performance on the fly and on the job which leads to wasted time and lack of communication.  This talk sheds light on how actors are trained and a technique I have developed over time that is specific to motion capture performance.  With the hope that it will better prepare the actor and help open lines of communication with animators to achieve the common goal of bringing a character to life.
Andrew Ray Certified Stage Combat Instructor with the Society of American Fight Directors 

Animation Tricks of the Trade

After being last year’s #1 rated talk, the rapid fire set of talks returns to give you a bunch of bite sized tips to take away and start applying to your work immediately.
Kristjan Zadziuk Animation Director at Ubisoft
Young Vo Animation Lead at Sparkypants
Mariel Cartwright Art director, Lead Animator, and Head of Story at Lab Zero Games
John Paul Rhinemiller Lead Cinematics Animator at Vicarious Visions
Zach Lowery Senior Animator and Designer at Boss Key Productions
Almudena Soria Lead animator at Naughty Dog

A Study of Creature Animation in Film and Games
From VFX to Feature Animated Films to Games, the craft of animation itself is exactly the same. What is different though are the limitations and rules that each category carries. Achieving a similar end result in your animation can require a completely different workflow. During this presentation, we will study a few pieces of creature animation from films and games and share the variety of workflows behind creating each animation.
Jalil Sadool CEO/Co-Founder at Steamroller Studios and Co-Founder of CGTarian Online Animation School

And beyond the bootcamp on Monday, GDC has a bunch of other great talks lined up for the main conference!

2017 GDC Main Conference Animation Talks
Bringing Hell to Life: AI and Full Body Animation in ‘Doom’
Animating an Agent of Mayhem
Motion Warping in ‘Gears of War 4’: Doing More with Less”
Animation Roundtable 1
Huddle up! Making the [SPOILER] of ‘Inside’
Simple and Powerful Animation Compression
Realistic Performances in Games
EA Presents N-teract: Next Generation Multi-Character Interactions
Physics Animation in ‘Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End’
Animation Roundtable Day 2
Player Traversal Mechanics in the Vast World of ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’
Animation Pipeline of ‘Overwatch’
Animating ‘Dauntless’: Slaying AAA Animation at an Indie Scale
Animation Roundtable 3
Cozmo: Animation Pipeline for a Physical Robot
‘Bound’: Emotions Through Ballet and Modern Art

And that won’t be all the animation sharing to happen during the week. Make sure you join us for the Animation Exchange on the following day, free and live on Twitch! February 27th – March 3rd is going to be an amazing and inspiring week!

And while we wait for the conference, why not go back and watch all of the 2013 and 2014 Bootcamps, which are free to view on the GDC Vault!



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