2019 Animation Exchange Recorded Talks


Talk about a whirlwind of awesome for over 10 straight hours! To be surrounded by so many amazing, talented and inspiring animation focused developers continues to be humbling.

I hope you were able to catch some of the stream live to be able to take part in the chat and fun. But if you didn’t get to, or you want to watch any part of it again, we have the entire Animation Exchange timestamped, so that you can enjoy it in all of its glory!

So enjoy! And please, please, PLEASE make sure to fill out our short survey about the stream so that we can continue to make it better each year. See you all again next year!

Full Stream
10 hours 25 minutes 38 seconds

Mike Jungbluth (Lead Gameplay Animator, Bioware)
Ju Li Khaw (Senior Animator, Arkane)

How’d They Do That?!
Dan Lowe (Senior Technical Animator, Motive)
Jeet Shroff (Gameplay Director, Santa Monica Studio)
Watch as Dan and Jeet look at different sequences in games, break down how they think it was created and how they might have done it different. Learn from and ask questions of two of the best technical minds as they get into the nitty gritty of how animation systems work.

Guest Interview
Jonathan Cooper (Animator, Naughty Dog and Author, Game Anim: Video Game Animation Explained)
Hosted by Mike Jungbluth

Spyro Reignited Animation Process
Dave Huddleston (Lead Gameplay Animator, Toys for Bob)
Andy Salvo (Lead Cinematic Animator, Toys for Bob)
Learn how the animators of Spyro Reignited approached the beloved classic and updated it with some inspired new animations and performances.

Guest Interview
Ric Arroyo (Senior Art Animation Director, Ubisoft)
Hosted by Tim Borrelli (Animator at Thekla)

Marketing and Animation
James Zachary (Creative Director, Zynga)
How can animation and marketing work together to better communicate and sell the games we all make? James has worked on both sides of the equation and will help to break down what it is both are looking for and prioritize.

Follow Up Q&A
James Zachary
Hosted by Mike Jungbluth

Frostbite Animation: A Guided Tour
Marion Gothier (Technical Animation Director, Frostbite Content)
Afshin Haidari-Khabbaz (Software Engineer, Frostbite Animation)
Get a behind the scenes look at the animation tools EA uses for their games, including Anthem, FIFA, Madden, Battlefield and many more.

Follow Up Q&A
Marion Gothier and Afshin Haidari-Khabbaz
Hosted by Tim Borrelli

LIVE Mocap Session
Andrew Ray (Actor)
Sydney Schwindt (Actor)
Mike Jungbluth (Lead Gameplay Animator, Bioware)
Christopher Adamson (Senior Motion Capture Specialist, Xsens)
Watch a live mocap shoot to learn some best practices from the view of actor and director. Suggestions will also be taken from Twitch chat for actions you would like to see! Powered by Xsens.
Download the mocap data here:
Get a Xsens software trial request here:


Guest Interview
Atsuko Fukuyama (Lead Animator, Last Labyrinth) with Alexis Broadhead (Animator/Technical Animator, Last Labyrinth) translating
Hosted by Ju Li Khaw

AnimXTREME Hotseat Showdown 3000! God of War Edition
Melissa Shim (Senior Animator, Santa Monica Studio)
Erica Pinto (Lead Narrative Animator, Santa Monica Studio)
Jack Ebensteiner (Senior Animator, Santa Monica Studio)
Hosted by Jake Clark (Studio MDHR) and Lana Bachynski (Senior Animator, Blizzard)
The fan favorite segment returns! These animators moved Kratos and Boy, but can they move the judges and twitch chat?! Three amazing animators will be sat down in front of a computer, given a rig, an action to animate, and are then let loose!

What will they come up with while being peppered with random questions and general silliness?!

Guest Interview
Bruno Velazquez (Animation Director, Santa Monica Studio)
Hosted by Mike Jungbluth

Autodesk Maya Showcase
TJ Galda (Sr. Product Manager, Autodesk Media & Entertainment Team)
TJ is back to show off what they have been up to with Maya and answer your burning Maya questions from the chat!

Guest Interview
Yuseff Cole (Head of Animation, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj)
Hosted by Tim Borrelli

Cascadeur: Physics-Based Animation Manifest
Evgeniy Dyabin (Chief Producer & Founder, Cascadeur)
Alexander Grishanin (CTO, Cascadeur)
Animators are great at creating stylized motion, but when realism is needed, we have to use motion capture. This leads to many issues and restrictions, especially in action sequences. Our understanding is that this is the time to surpass the limitations of motion capture by using physics-based animation and intelligent tools that provide animators with full control over the outcome of their work. We use this approach in our animation software Cascadeur.

Guest Interview
Marianne Hayden (Animator, Naughty Dog)
Hosted by Mike Jungbluth

“The Mid-Level Crisis”
Ju Li Khaw (Senior Animator, Arkane)
Esther Ko (Animator, BioWare)
James Benson (Animator/Designer, Valve)
Jimm Pegan (Lead Animator, Hi-Rez)
You’ve got some stuff under your belt, you’re familiar with the industry and you’re past trying to get in the door. You want to start making more personalized decisions. You try to figure out what you want out of your career. You ask serious questions of yourself about where you would like your career path to go, what you want out of life and your job. This panel is about arriving at that process, what it looks like for different people, and the questions they asked to help figure that out.

Guest Interview
Glenn Winters (Previsualization Supervisor, Rockstar Games)
Hosted by Tim Borrelli

Technical Animation Showcase
Brian Venisky (Senior Technical Animator, Avalanche Studios)
Evan Cox (Senior Technical Artist, Bungie)
Nina Fricker (Lead Technical Animator, Insomniac)
Randall Hess (Senior Technical Animator, Epic)
Ever wondered what Technical Animators and Artists do? We are going to show you EXACTLY what they do, by showing off tools and solutions to issues they have encountered as well as crowd source questions and problems from the chat. Guaranteed to give you a list of tools and approaches to speed up your animation workflow!

Guest Interview
Sophie Brennan (Character TD, Insomniac)
Hosted by Ju Li Khaw

New Frame Plus: How To Become and Animator
Daniel Floyd (Creator, New Frame Plus)
Buckle in for the live premiere of New Frame Plus episode, directly from the host of the Youtube channel of the same name. And afterwards, Daniel will be answering questions from the chat.

Guest Interview
Hector Antunez (Lead Animator, Firaxis)
Hosted by Ju Li Khaw

Tea Time Animation’s 48 Hour Jam Judging
Lana Bachynski (Senior Animator, Blizzard)
Jay Hosfelt  (Lead Animator, Epic)
Bruno Velazquez (Animation Director, Santa Monica Studio)
Tea Time Members
Bringing back another fan favorite from last year, we will judge the top entries from the Animation Exchange Animation Jam! Can we amass an even larger prize pool than last year for the winners?!

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