2019 Animation Exchange Schedule and Times


The schedule is set and since we last talked, we have added a couple more talks to the event! Starting at 12:00pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, March 19th, get your favorite animation friends gathered around a screen and enjoy all the knowledge sharing and fun we have in store! Though keep in mind that the specific times of each talk are subject to move back as the day goes on as talks run long or transition times run longer than expected.

You can see descriptions of each talk in our previous post. And if you want to join in the festivities yourself, make sure you sign up for the 2019 Tea Time Animation Jam, being held the weekend before the Exchange! We are getting some fun prizes lined up, just like last year!

See you all soon on the Twitch Office channel!

Talk Speaker(s) Scheduled Time (PST)
Introduction Mike Jungbluth (Lead Gameplay Animator, Bioware) and Ju Li Khaw (Senior Animator, Arkane) 12:00pm 
How’d They Do That?! Dan Lowe (Senior Technical Animator, Motive)
Jeet Shroff (Gameplay Director, Santa Monica Studio)
Guest Interview Mike Jungbluth with Jonathan Cooper (Author, Game Anim: Video Game Animation Explained) 12:50pm 
Spyro Reignited’s Animation Process Dave Huddleston (Lead Gameplay Animator, Toys for Bob)
Andy Salvo (Lead Cinematic Animator, Toys for Bob)
Guest Interview Tim Borrelli (Animator at Thekla) with Ric Arroyo (Senior Art Animation Director, Ubisoft) 1:25pm 
Marketing and Animation James Zachary (Creative Director, Zynga) 1:30pm 
Follow Up Q&A Mike Jungbluth with James Zachary 2:00pm 
Frostbite Animation: A Guided Tour Marion Gothier (Technical Animation Director, Frostbite Content)
Afshin Haidari-Khabbaz (Software Engineer, Frostbite Animation)
Follow Up Q&A Tim Borrelli with Marion and Afshin 3:10pm
LIVE Mocap Session Andrew Ray (Actor)
Sydney Schwindt (Actor)
Mike Jungbluth (Lead Gameplay Animator, Bioware)
Christopher Adamson (Senior Motion Capture Specialist, Xsens)
Guest Interview Ju Li Khaw with Atsuko Fukuyama (Lead Animator, Last Labyrinth) with Alexis Broadhead (Animator/Technical Animator, Last Labyrinth) translating 4:05pm 
AnimXTREME Hotseat Showdown 3000! God of War Edition Melissa Shim (Senior Animator, Santa Monica Studio)
Erica Pinto (Lead Narrative Animator, Santa Monica Studio)
Jack Ebensteiner (Senior Animator, Santa Monica Studio)
Hosted by Jake Clark (Studio MDHR) and Lana Bachynski (Senior Animator, Blizzard)
Guest Interview Mike Jungbluth with Bruno Velazquez (Animation Director, Santa Monica Studio) 4:55pm 
Autodesk Maya Showcase TJ Galda (Sr. Product Manager, Autodesk Media & Entertainment Team) 5:00pm 
Guest Interview Tim Borrelli with Yuseff Cole (Head of Animation, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj) 5:15pm 
Cascadeur: Physics-Based Animation Manifest Evgeniy Dyabin (Chief Producer & Founder, Cascadeur) and Alexander Grishanin (CTO, Cascadeur) 5:20pm 
Guest Interview Mike Jungbluth with Marianne Hayden (Animator, Naughty Dog) 5:50pm 
The Mid Level Crises Ju Li Khaw (Senior Animator, Arkane)
Esther Ko (Animator, BioWare)
James Benson (Animator/Designer, Valve)
Jimm Pegan (Lead Animator, Hi-Rez)
Guest Interview Tim Borrelli with Glenn Winters (Previsualization Supervisor, Rockstar Games) 6:55pm 
Technical Animator’s Workshop Brian Venisky (Senior Technical Animator, Avalanche Studios)
Evan Cox (Senior Technical Artist, Bungie)
Nina Fricker (Lead Technical Animator, Insomniac)
Randall Hess (Senior Technical Animator, Epic)
Guest Interview Mike Jungbluth with Sophie Brennan (Character TD, Insomniac) 8:00pm
New Frame Plus Live! Daniel Floyd (Creator, New Frame Plus Youtube Channel) 8:05pm 
Guest Interview Ju Li Khaw with Hector Antunez (Lead Animator, Firaxis) 8:35pm 
Tea Time’s 48 Hour Jam Judges Panel Lana Bachynski (Senior Animator, Blizzard)
Jay Hosfelt  (Lead Animator, Epic)
Sign Off Mike Jungbluth with EVERYONE 9:30pm 


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