2020 AnimState of the Industry Results


Thank you to everyone that took the time to fill out our survey! We had a fantastic turnout of over 400 responses. Similar surveys by Gamasutra or IGDA averaged around 1200 responses across all disciplines, so collecting a third of that for an entirely animation-focused survey is a solid representation of the animation community within the industry.

I am going to cover a number of the interesting results from the survey in this post, so buckle in because this is a long one. If you’re interested in the raw, unfiltered results, we’re making that available to you here in this google sheet so you can read through and cross reference to your heart’s content! It comes available with all of my working tabs as reference, so just make a copy or export it to an excel doc and give into your data loving self!

A giant thank you to Ju Li for helping me wordsmith this into something able to be read. I was a robot spitting numbers before she did a pass, so please give her a virtual high five for keeping your eyes from instantly glazing over.

Also a disclaimer: I am not a professional or trained data analyst. I am sure there are percentages of error and likely biases in the way we asked some questions or in the format as a whole. This is something I hope to correct in future surveys. Please do not hesitate to call out anything you see along those lines that you believe should be addressed.

If you have questions or thoughts about any of these findings or ways to help us make future surveys better, please log on to the AnimState discord and go to the #annual_survey channel to post your thoughts, findings and questions.

With all that said, let’s move on to the data and break everything down by the different sections of the survey! First up is Work Experience.


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