2020 AnimState of the Industry Results


Wrap Up

There are so many more data points that could be cross checked here across discipline, experience, team size, ethnicity, age, dcc, outsourcing… the possibilities are enormous. And we have only scratched the surface.

We know we want this to be an annual survey. And we know we missed some crucial questions around salary and job satisfaction that would help shine an even brighter light on what we have. Honestly, this feels more like the beta version than the full release. And I am sure once everyone has read this over and looked through the data, there are going to be a number of great conversations around other areas we want to explore.

SO, we will be running this again in February with the necessary updates, additions, and adjustments. And the hope is that we can have all of the results processed then in time for end of fiscal year conversations. Because the clearer picture we all have, the stronger we all are as a community. AnimState is about democratization of knowledge and open communication. So please, get involved on the AnimState discord and post your thoughts, findings and questions in the #annual_survey channel to keep this conversation going.


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