2020 AnimState of the Industry Results


Work Experience

To get a snapshot of who was taking our survey, we asked questions about positions, studios, time in the industry and geological spread.

Of the people who took our survey, 67% are Animators, 23% Technical Animators and 8% Animation Programmers. There were also 18% who identified as Leads/Director with some crossover identifying as both Animator/Tech Animator or Lead/Director and discipline.

The majority of our respondents are Full-Time Permanent (83%). Of the remainder, 10% are Full-Time (Temporary/Contract) and 7% Freelance.

For years in the industry, there was a pretty clear spread across the board, with the majority of people falling into the range of 1-15 years experience.

For type of game studio, we had 67% working in AAA, 28% Indie and 5% working across Mobile, Online, VR/AR or other fields with interactive animation.

The majority of people who took our survey came from North America (61%) and Europe (34%) with the remaining 5% coming from Asia and South America.

So before continuing on, it’s good to note the majority of our respondents are Full-Time Animators living in North America working in AAA. If there are any specific data points you are interested in especially in regards to your own experience, please feel free to cross check using the results sheet I’ve provided above.

With all of that in mind, let’s next look at Tech and Tools!


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