2020 AnimState of the Industry Results


Team Size

Most segments of team sizes from 6 people up to 400 had an average response base between 5%-8%, but the three biggest contributors were team sizes of 400+ at 18%, 200-300 at 15%, and 100-150 at 10%. I greatly encourage you to do cross referencing on team sizes for more specific results, but since it was a fairly even spread across the board, I will only present the general results here.

First up is the number of gameplay animators on the team with the two largest segments being 2-4 (32%) and 5-10 (27.9%).

The results for dedicated cinematic animators on a team was a bit surprising at first glance. For almost 37% of teams, there is no dedicated cinematic animator on the team. Remember that number when we get to outsourcing!

Breaking down the make up of technical animator teams, when it comes to DCC focused technical animators, 39% had 2-4, 29% have only 1, and 24% have 0.

Those numbers are mirrored when looking at how many runtime focused technical animators there are on a team. 38% have 0, 29% have 1 and 28% have 2-4.

We also asked how many teams had animation programming support. For over 50% of teams, there is no dedicated animation programmers.

Most teams have their programmers splitting their time between animation and other departments.

This was another data point I wanted to compare Unreal vs Proprietary engines to see if numbers differed. Proprietary engines did in fact have more dedicated animation programmers with 2-4 making up the largest percentage at 38%.

When comparing shared programmers by engine, the numbers vary slightly there as well with more shared programming support also happening on the proprietary side.

In general, it seems proprietary engines result in more animation programming support overall.

Okay, so let’s look next at how teams use different types of Motion Capture!


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