2020 AnimState of the Industry Results



For over a decade now, it’s been a common fear that motion capture animation is taking over for keyframe. That sentiment pops up later in the the concerns people have listed. However, this graph is an interesting data point in that conversation. This graph goes from 1 (100% keyframe) to 5 (100% mocap).

As you can see 37% of teams make all of their new animations through keyframe, the largest percentage of the group. Of course, another way to read this graph is 63% of teams use motion capture of some kind, but only 6% use motion capture entirely without any keyframe. It appears the concern of mocap killing keyframe is greatly exaggerated. With the high turn around in games it is certainly a regularly used tool, but it exists alongside keyframe, not as a replacement.

Looking at how people are capturing their data, 48% use Optical Motion Capture, 33% use Inertial, and 31% use Performance Capture.

As far as where the capture stage is located, 64% of teams capture in studio, 20% travel out of town to work with an external partner and 19% capture Fully Remotely. It will be interesting to see how these numbers are affected by the uptick in remote work after Covid.

It is now time to check in on our External Development results!


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