Keyframe of Mind – Episode 02


Welcome back to the Keyframe of Mind podcast!

In this episode, we start our two-part discussion about arts education. We all took different educational paths to get started in our careers, and there were definitive pros and cons to each of our personal experiences. How did we stay motivated when stressed over classwork? What would we do differently if we went back? Did our schools prepare us for getting an actual job? And seriously, which version of Pokemon Sun/Moon are we all playing?

Be sure to join us for part two of our talk about arts education, where we’ll be diving into self-study; using the internet and local resources to DIY your very own art education.



Links from the podcast:

Online School Pricing


Game Animation

4 Workshops, 11 weeks long, at $1698 each ($6,792 total)


Animation Mentor

Character Animation Course

6 classes, 12 weeks each at $2499 each ($14,994 total)

Game Animation Fundamentals & Game Animation Combat Attacks

1 workshop, 6 weeks long $899 total


“GDC Game Developers Salary Survey 2014”


“Looking at the latest wage data by education level”

Economic Policy Institute


“Undergraduate Student Loan Calculator”

The Hamilton Project




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