Keyframe of Mind – Episode 04


Welcome back, y’all!

In this episode of A Keyframe of Mind, we take our crew and a special guest into the hellfires of burnout; discussing our experiences of what it feels like, what causes it and methods we’ve found for detangling ourselves from the grips of inadequacy, physical exhaustion and the loss of joy on the job. It’s a long one and a personal one, so grab a bev and a bathroom break now!

Join us next time for Episode 5, where we share our past experiences at career fairs (as attendees AND recruiters!) in hopes of bolstering bright, new game developers out there to understand how to better get in the door.

Episode Breakdown:

0:01:15 – Intros and GDC reactions

0:07:00 – “What is burnout to you and what does it feel like?”

0:25:15 – “What do you think causes burnout?”

0:42:45 – “What effect does burnout have on your personal life and your work-life goals?”

1:15:25 – “You’re feeling burnt out – what do you do now?”

1:59:20 – Listener-contributed, burnout-cooling mantras

Content warning: Mention of suicide, depression, addiction.

Many thanks to Jessie (@axl99) for being a part of this episode.

Finally, we want to extend a big thank you to our listeners who took the time to contribute their personal mantras that help during those low periods. We cannot encourage you enough to share your experiences, just as some very special talks from this year’s GDC helped us find the courage to share ours:

Animation Bootcamp: Animation Microtalks

Depression-Proof Studio Culture via Take This

Invent a Game: Reinvent Yourself via Checkpoint



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