Animation Exchange Schedule


Here is the full Animation Exchange Schedule! On Tuesday, February 28th, from 2-10 PM Pacific, you can join in on the fun at The entire event will be free to watch and the recordings will be available on the same channel! As you can see, there isn’t a moment throughout where we won’t have animators, technical animators, animation programmers and designers talking shop and sharing their process. And throughout it all, we will have people manning the chat to take your questions. You can find descriptions of each talk here.

And during the stream, we will be accepting donations for the IGDA Foundation. Their dedication to empowering future game devs across all disciplines and backgrounds made them a no brainer to partner up with. Sharing knowledge and opportunities, with a focus on diverse participants, is core to what #AnimX and the IGDA foundation is all about.

So make sure to watch the stream, and engage through the chat and #AnimX. See you there!

30 mins Live Q&A Tim Borrelli (First Strike), Gwen Frey (Molasses Flood), Mariel Cartwright (Lab Zero), Matt Boehm (Blizzard)
5 mins Mike Interviews Jeremy Yates (Naughty Dog)
30 mins What Schools Aren’t Teaching You Lana Bachynski (Blizzard), Simon Unger (Phoenix Labs)
5 mins Tim Interviews Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda (Dames Making Games)
30 mins World to the West Animation Process Aslak Helgesen (Rain)
5 mins Mike Interviews Young Vo (Sparky Pants)
30 mins Animation Flashback: Spider-Man 2 James Zachary (Zynga), Ryan Duffin (EA DICE), Yoshitomo Morowaki (Hyperkinetic Studios)
5 mins Tim Interviews Almudena Soria (Naughty Dog)
60 mins An Intro to Animation in Unreal Engine 4 Jay Hosfelt and Laurent Delayen (Epic)
5 mins Mike Interviews Jeremy Collins (Blizzard)
30 mins Animation Flashback: Assassin’s Creed Combat Kristjan Zadziuk (Ubisoft)
5 mins Tim Interviews Jake Clark (Studio MDHR)
60 mins MOBA Animation: LoL, HotS, Paragon Alex Lehmann (Riot), Lana Bachynski (Blizzard), Jay Hosfelt (Epic)
5 mins Mike Interviews Matthew Russell (Amazon)
30 mins Back to Basics: 2D Animation for Games Mariel Cartwright (Lab Zero)
5 mins Tim Interviews Steven Dickinson (Coalition)
60 mins Animation Programming in 2017 Bobby Angeulov (WB Montreal), Laurent Delayen (Epic), Geoff Harrower (EA Vancouver), Dan Lowe (Visceral), Brett Pascal (EA), JC Delannoy (EA)
5 mins Mike Interviews Zach Lowery (Boss Key)
30 mins Interactive Cinematic Sequences in Uncharted 4 Jonathan Cooper (Naughty Dog)
5 mins Tim Interviews David Gibson (Blizzard)
30 mins Fine, god-dammit! We’ll review it live! Gwen Frey (The Molasses Flood), Kristjan Zadziuk (Ubisoft), Dan Lowe (Visceral), Jalil Sadool (Steamroller)
10 mins Wrap Up Mike Jungbluth (Volition), Lana Bachynski (Blizzard), Tim Borrelli (First Strike)



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