2018 Animation Exchange Times and Schedule


One of the regular pieces of feedback we got last year was that the Animation Exchange started too late. So this year, we are starting earlier, so that even more people can catch it live! Starting at 12pm Pacific Time on Tuesday, March 20th, get your favorite animation friends gathered around a screen and enjoy all the knowledge sharing and fun we have in store! Though keep in mind that the specific times of each talk are subject to move back as the day goes on and talks run long or transition times run longer than expected.

If you would like to know more about each talk and speaker, our previous post has you covered. And if you want to join in the festivities yourself, make sure you sign up for the Animation Jam, being held the weekend before the Exchange! We are getting some fun prizes lined up!

See you all in a couple of weeks on the Twitch Office channel!

Talk Speaker(s) Scheduled Time
Introduction Mike Jungbluth (Senior Animator, Bioware) 12:00pm PST
The Every Day Life of an Animator in the Mushroom Kingdom Marco Renso (Animation Director, Ubisoft Milan) and Tommaso Sanguigni (Animation Technical Director, Ubisoft Milan) 12:05pm PST
Follow Up Q&A Mike Jungbluth with Marco Renso and Tommaso Sanguigni 12:35pm PST
AnimXTREME Hotseat Showdown 3000! David Gibson (Senior Animator, Blizzard), Jalil Sadool (CEO, Steamroller Studios), Jason Shum (Senior Animator, Amazon Game Studios), Hosted by Jake Clark (Studio MDHR) and Lana Bachynski (Animator, Blizzard) 12:40pm PST
Guest Interview Tim Borrelli (Animator at Thekla) with Richard Oud (Lead Animator, Guerilla Games) 1:25pm PST
1st Person Animation Discussion Esther Ko (Animator, Hi-Rez Studios), James Benson (Animator, Campo Santo), Ryan Duffin (Lead Animator, DICE LA), Zach Lowery (Creative Director, Boss Key) 1:30pm PST
Guest Interview Mike Jungbluth with Chris Goodall (Principle Animator, We Are Playground) 2:30pm PST
Future of Game Animation Daniel Holden (Animation Researcher, Ubisoft), Dan Lowe (Senior Technical Animator, EA Motive), Lina Halper (Senior Animation Engineer, Epic), Moderated by Tim Borrelli 2:35pm PST
Guest Interview Mike Jungbluth with Melissa Shim (Senior Animator, Sony Santa Monica) 3:35pm PST
Keyframe of the Mind LIVE! Esther Ko (Animator, Hi-Rez Studios), Jenny Son (Animator), Ju Li Khaw (Animator), Katie Better (Senior Mocap Animator, Rockstar) 3:40pm PST
Guest Interview Tim Borrelli with Lyndsey Pendley (Animator, Deep Silver Volition) 4:10pm PST
Career Development Panel Adriana Pucciano (Senior Animator, Rocksteady Games), John Paul Rhinemiller (Lead Cinematics Animator, Vicarious Visions), Mike Jungbluth (Senior Animator, Bioware), Tasha Sounart (Associate Creative Director Theme Parks/Interactive, Pixar) 4:15pm PST
Guest Interview Tim Borrelli with Alexis Kwong (Product Owner of ANT, EA) 5:15pm PST
Autodesk Presentation TJ Galda (Sr. Product Manager , Autodesk Media & Entertainment Team) 5:20pm PST
Follow Up Q&A Tim Borrelli with TJ Galda 5:30pm PST
Animation Flashback: Mark of Kri Erik Medina (Animation Director, Amazon Game Studios) 5:35pm PST
Guest Interview Tim Borrelli with Paul McComas (Head of Animation Tech, EA) 6:35pm PST
Technical Animator’s Workshop Brian Venisky (Senior Technical Animator, Avalanche Studios), Isabella Cheng (Technical Artist, Survios) Lee Dunham (Lead Technical Animator, Creative Assembly), Mike Malinowski (Senior Technical Artist, Creative Assembly), Rich Katz (Senior Technical Artist, Blizzard) 6:40pm PST
Guest Interview Mike Jungbluth with Richard Lico (Animation Director, Polyarc) 7:40pm PST
Injustice 2 Story Mode Dan Weiland (Senior Cinematics Animator, Netherrealm Studios) 7:45pm PST
Follow Up Q&A Mike Jungbluth with Dan Weiland 8:30pm PST
We’ll Do It LIVE! Gwen Frey (Co-Founder, The Molasses Flood), Kristjan Zadziuk (Animation Director, Lucid Games), David Gibson (Senior Animator, Blizzard), Jay Hosfelt (Lead Animator, Epic Games), Almudena Soria (Lead Animator, Naughty Dog) 8:35pm PST
Sign Off Mike Jungbluth with EVERYONE 9:05pm PST



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