What’s the Finnish word for “Douchebag”?

I don't know but it's probably in here somewhere. Since we're going to be a week late on Episode 24 (but our guest is going to be awesome), I offer as a consolation prize, a scan from Finland's Pelaaja (translation: "Player") magazine article on expats working in Finland's games industry, including yours truly eating truly horrible food...

The missing link discovered!

That's right folks, I've found it: the link to our Facebook group! Rejoice one and all! And when you're done rejoicing, join the group! C'mon now, even giant robots, inanimate objects and states of mind have their own Facebook page these days. What's your excuse?


Animating with... sheep?

Cat Shit One

With subtitles.

Disney re-used footage and animation cliches

I'm sure all us animation nuts have seen the side-by-side Disney cells but here are a lot of the sequences side by side. Some are just re-used cliches but others are clearly re-used footage.Purists may balk but remember commercial animation needs to be great and efficient. Don't work hard; work smart!


I don't want to bog down the blog with everything cool I find because the internet is such a gold mine of cool things but it would be a shame not to share this amazing stop-motion, paper cutout animation. Also courtesy of Damien, I would like to introduce you all to Rex the Dog in "Bubblicious".Bubblicious from Rex...

Un café, s’il vous plait!

To pass the time between our sometimes delayed episodes (like Episode 18, being recorded this weekend) I thought it would be fun for us to occasionally share some exceptionally awesome and/or inspirational animation we've found. After all, we are at the core an animation podcast/blog. So here we go with the first one, courtesy of Finland's favorite...

Commenting without BloggerID now enabled!

Bring on the secret crushes and anonymous snipes!

Oceans between us…

I know what you are thinking. "Why in the name of Shigeru Miyamoto/God are you guys taking such a long break over just one of ya moving a couple of states away. Seriously, is it THAT hard to use skype like the rest of the podcasting world to make some new frickin episodes? Is Wisconsin unable to connect...

Ryan on the 10th Muse!

Our very own Ryan Duffin is a guest on the 10th Muse Podcast, episode 23! Another great episode, take a listen. 10th Muse Podcast

Mike on the 10th Muse Podcast

Our very own Mike Jungbluth is a guest on the 10th Muse Podcast, episode 19! Damn good episode, take a listen. 10th Muse Podcast


Thanks for stopping by the ReAnimators Podcast blog. Here is where you can find info about the show and the voices behind it.The ReAnimators Podcast is where three guys working as animators in the video games industry discuss (or as Mike would say "Nerd-slap") topics surrounding the creation of and the business behind games, film, animation and comic...