Episode 02 – Sound Check

In this episode, we discuss sound design with Senior Sound Designer Scott Snyder. Here are links to some of the topics we covered: Frank and Ollie Orphan Works was not a bill when we recorded this episode. It has since been introduced in both houses of Congress. Another Orphan Works resource Namco owns the patent on minigames during loading screens- Wikipedia entry on Loading Screens Arnold...

Episode 01 – Haircut of the Year

Finally! We've battled all kinds of adversity, slayed mighty dragons and untangled ferocious microphone cords to bring you the first TRUE episode of the Reanimators Podcast! It's taken longer then we expected to get the ball rolling but we think we've streamlined our recording process and figured out what the hell we're doing. Now we just...

Episode 00 – Who We Are

So, we got together to record a "who the hell are these guys?!" show. Highlights include Ryan telling us why we are called the ReAnimators, Mike calling out all video game animators and Rick bustin' out with an animator rap, yes rap. And yes, I wrote bustin'. word em up... Thanks for listening