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Look for Episode 25 in the next few weeks, which as promised will feature developers from all walks of life telling, in their own words how they “broke in” to the industry and what they used to do back in “civilian life”. We’ve already got some pretty awesome ones so I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them as much as we have!

We’ll also be giving our annual ReAnimators update as we enter season 3. As with last summer, things have changed a bit for Mike, Rick and myself.

Stay tuned and be sure to email us with any topics you’d like to hear us cover or guests you want to hear us shoot the breeze with!


  1. In the exodus from Mikes old haunting grounds (Sketch Tavern) last summer I discovered the reanimators… listening to you rather more than advisable during a revision period.

    To hear people speaking about their dayjob with such enthusiasm (despite The Crunch) has contributed greatly to me seriously considering shooting for the dream job in game design.

    Thanks for all that has gone before and all that is yet to come, its greatly appreciated.


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