Episode 01 – Haircut of the Year


Finally! We’ve battled all kinds of adversity, slayed mighty dragons and untangled ferocious microphone cords to bring you the first TRUE episode of the Reanimators Podcast! It’s taken longer then we expected to get the ball rolling but we think we’ve streamlined our recording process and figured out what the hell we’re doing. Now we just need to learn how to keep it a little bit shorter…

In this episode, we discuss game animation. What it entails, what it is, what it’s not and hopefully clearing up some of the popular misconceptions about our field.

Here are links to some of the topics we covered:

10th Muse
WYNC’s RadioLab
Left, Right and Center
Spline Doctors
The Animation Podcast

Game censorship in Australia:
Wikipedia entry on Australian censorship
(A new 18+ rating is pending legislation)

The 12 (+12) Principles of Animation at Jeremy Cantor’s site

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to dig up the Game Informer article about naked Lara Croft that Mike mentioned, nor could I find the IMDB entry for “Backstretch 5: Attack of the Anus.” I did however confirm that “Stand by Me” was rated R in the US.

Since we’re getting backlogged (we’ve recorded up to episode 3!), we’ll be releasing Episode 2 very soon, as well as re-uploading Episode o with the volume fixed. Episode 3 should be up next Tuesday with a new episode every week after.


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