Episode 03 – Crunchberries


I promised a regular schedule on these and when a Reanimator makes a promise, he keeps ’em! Presenting Episode Three of the Reanimators Podcast on it’s new regular, Tuesday night time.

In this episode, we discuss quality of life and crunch time in the games industry, with Creative Director Mark Nau and Lead FX Artist Jamey Moulton. We’re getting the hang of things and still ironing out bugs. Next time we won’t sit the quietest guy the furthest from the microphone.

Here are some links to the what is discussed in the Podcast:

The game that’s as indy as indy gets:
Dwarf Fortress

The Crunch Discussion:
The original EA Spouse blog (2004)

The IGDA White Paper on Quality of Life (2004)
(Unfortunately I couldn’t find one that’s more current, if a more current one exists)
Gamewatch: Quality of Life watchdog site

Wicked problems

Relentless Software


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