Episode 04 – Pirates of the Booty


Episode 4 has arrived! If you could only hear the outtakes… you would come at us with torches and burn down our snowball.

This week we talk about suppressing your inner fanboy while working on a licensed video game.

We were joined by Environment artist Angel Arca and we really had a blast, as you will hear.

Here are some links to the what is discussed in the Podcast:

Modern Ford Model T

The deviantART Discussion:
Inflation oMg

Piracy Discussion:
Piracy and idiots

PC piracy levels are “astounding” says COD4 dev

Sports Interactive shuts down Eastside Hockey Manager due to high piracy numbers

Spore, Mass Effect PC to Require Online Validation Every Ten Days to Function (Update: Bioware has backed down on this somewhat since the news broke; not sure about Spore)

What the Spartans really wore:
King Leonidas Statue in Thermopylae
(Sorry Mike, you lose! -Ryan)

(Sorry Ryan, Wiki can be used to prove anything)
State in Thermopyle
And Another


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