Episode 05 – Rodeo Riders


Cinco de ReAnimatoras es here Pedro! And we brought the tequila… or at least some beer. This could be considered our longest episode yet, but the last 10 mins is more of a bonus than actual content. We decided to try a little roleplaying, and well, you can be the judge on how THAT turned out.

This week we are joined by Designer and ReAnimators Announcer Jessica Spence as well as Senior Designer Rich Bisso. Thats right, five people on our fifth episode. I’m pretty sure that was marked as something special on the Mayan calendar.

The topic we covered is Why Good People Make Bad Games, inspired by THIS gamasutra article.

Here are some links to other things we discussed while recording:

Johnny Cash Intro to Dawn of the Dead

Trilogy of Terror Doll

, and now LucasArts, leave the ESA

The Bomb the Terrorists Game is eluding us. If you know it or can find it, comment here with it and we will shout your name out hardcore on the next episode.

Smart Walking Robots:
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3



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