Episode 06 – It’s a Small World After All…


A day late but definitely not a buck short, we semi-proudly present Episode 6 of the Reanimators Podcast with special guest, comic book illustrator and senior concept artist at Edge of Reality Kelly Goodine.

This week we fire off our usual barrage of first words before we discuss with Kelly “what makes a good character”, as suggested by Super Munkyboy on Deviant Art. In retrospect, we should’ve prepped for this discussion a bit better so if there are points you’d like to see us hit that we missed (and there are hundreds), please let us know and we can get further in depth on the topic.

Show Notes:
Kelly’s Deviant Art Page

First words:
10 (bullshit) reasons why games were better in the 90s

Crazy gamemaker game Lab 14

Space Chimps by Vanguard Animation

The Whackness

Character Design:
Why Mario has a mustache

Tim Schafer’s GDC Talk on Character Design

To clear up any confusion about Kelly’s and my own mention of “Ghost” right after “Starcraft”, we should it clear we’re talking about the King of Cheesecake, Adam Hughes’ run on the comic “Ghost” about a hot dame who comes back from the dead to shoot a lot of people with a pair of colts; not the completely unrelated, tragically ill-fated “Starcraft: Ghost”.


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