Episode 08 – Specular Spectacular


Yeah, specular. In this episode we talk about normal maps… and our topic is Next Gen, or as we like to call it – G6. What is G6? Why is G6? What comes after G6? Does your G6 wear 3D glasses?

Joining us was 2 time reanimators podcast guest Angel Arca.

Be sure to listen to our last words this week for a special announcement from Mike.

Topics discussed:

Old School Activision Infomercial



  1. Hello… I know this podcast is two years old now, but I have a wee question:
    Can someone clarify what game is being discussed at 19 minutes in? It sounds a bit like ‘Monarch of Creed’ or ‘Mark of Cree’, something like that. I like cartoony games and would love to check it out, but it’s hard to search without a name..

    Many thanks!
    love the podcast, working my way through them 🙂


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