Episode 09 – Hot Lunch


After the tragic loss of our own Mike Jungbluth to the state of Wisconsin, we took a couple of weeks off to figure out what we’re going to do with the show. But we’re back now with Episode NINE, where Rick and I are joined with THREE special guests: Edge of Reality animators Trent Kollodge, Xavier Blackwell and senior animator Jared Rudiak. In this episode, we venture into the great outdoors and record over beers and burgers by Lake Austin (so forgive the occasional motorboat going by).

The five of us (well, 3 of us) present our first words about the recent trend in ultra-low game scores, Phil Harrison’s statement about the ‘death of single player’, acting in animation, monogamy in game-playing, Team Fortress 2’s lack of grenades and the importance of story in games. We also briefly discuss the differences in doing animation in games versus animation for commercials, of which Jared and Xavier are both veterans of before all three of them answer the Muse questions.


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