Episode 10 – The ReAniMuse Podcast


Through the combined powers of the Reanimators Podcast and the 10th Muse Podcast, we bring you episode 10 of the Reanimators podcast (and episode 32 of the 10th Muse Podcast).

As chance would have it, yours truly was in San Francisco for a wedding a couple weeks ago and while I was in town, I had the opportunity to meet with the esteemed Stephen Sherman and Mike Henry of Slipgate Ironworks and the 10th Muse Podcast. We co-recorded for our respective shows with the unfortunate lack of Patrick Lister, Mike Jungbluth and Rick Blankenship; the rest of our podcasting teams.

In this episode, we follow the Muse’s formula (since we pretty much copied it anyway) and discuss what’s on our minds about the big E3 announcements, handheld gaming and whether games are going to get more expensive and complicated or cheaper and easier to develop. Then we move on to our discussion topic of challenge versus experience in games.

This doesn’t really mark the beginning of Season 2; think of it as a special episode. We’ll have more news on Season 2 soon. In the meantime, please enjoy Episode 10!


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