Episode 11 – ReANIMATED!


Season 2 starts NOW!

In this episode we transcend timezones, skype, and technical difficulties to finally catch up with each other after the all moves. Find out just how much Rick would pay a minute for some cooler weather, how Mike can rationalize working on an FPS game, and what Ryan’s dream car is. Hint, it doesn’t have fins…

After a slew of emails thanks to Ryan’s shameless promotion on The Animation Podcast, our topic this week is answering some animation specific questions and letting people in on our animation processes. Or is that processie? Proceseese?

And finally to bring in the new season with style, we announce that we will be doing animation critiques on the show. So if you have some animation you would like to receive some crits on email them to reanimatorspodcast@gmail.com.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind though:

– The shorter the better. If you give us 10 minutes we will only have time to say “keep this, cut that” in a broad manner without any chance to get specific. If you give us 10 seconds, we can really get into the nitty gritty of it much easier.
– Tell us when you send it how far along it is and what you know you have left to complete. If you specifically have a question about something you are trying to accomplish but can’t seem to get, let us know and we can give you some pointers.
– Links only, no files. We will post your work here and can’t host files ourselves.
– Quicktimes prefered so that we can scrub your animation frame by frame.
– We are going to be honest, so no taking offense. We don’t say this to be pricks, but honesty is how the professional process works, and animators have to be used to this.

This weeks show notes:

Levelator thanks to listener Warner McGee for the tip.

Ryan’s TF2 Demo Girl

Attack of the Monstrology

And here is a ReAnimator’s EXCLUSIVE LOOK at the cover I did for Benjamin Franklinstein. Dapper Dan Schoening did the interiors and knocked it out of the park!


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