Episode 12 – Politically In-Correct


Alright, so we didn’t make the bi-weekly time line we set up. But a new episode is gracing your face now so you can’t be TOO disappointed. We have the next couple already tentatively planned out, so we should be sticking to schedule.

In this episode we are all over the map, both topically and geographically, coming to you from 3 different countries. Rick was out playing Johnny Pumpkin Seed, so we are sadly one man short, but our guest this week is Dan Schoening who is an animator/artist at Inlight Entertainment, character designer on the PS2/Wii GhostBusters game, and animator on DC Online’s Shorts. He is also the artist and co-creator of Benjamin Franklinstein. PLUG!

Our first words hit on some political themes as part of the October Podcast Theme “Politics in Comics”… er games in our case. Find out more about the other podcasts taking part in the fun at Comic Related, Superheroes-R-Us, and Weekly Comic Book Review.

Our main discussion topic is the age old debate of 2D vs 3D animation and how the experience of each translates to the other in the world of game animation.

This weeks show notes:

– Ummm, I think I added them all into the description. Awesome.


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