Episode 13 – Comics2Games2Comics


That’s right son, we made our bi-weekly goal. Yes, I know. We rock.

You know who else rocks? Jeff “Chamba” Cruz, the artist on the new Street Fighter II Turbo Comic.

Our first words cover what we have been playing, co-op in games, more 2D talk and why American entertainment studios hate the rest of the world and why Australia has lost its mind.

Our main topic is then the translations of comic properties to games, and game properties to comics. I know, a topic we are qualified to talk about. Wild eh? We call out ones we like, and where a lot of them go wrong. We also talk about how comics are probably doing it better than games, at least as far as the art goes. Let us know what games we missed, and what properties you think could work and why?

Then we finish up the show doing a critique of listener Derek Kent‘s animation. You can watch the animation to follow along with our crit HERE.

This weeks show notes:

– A bear with wings, courtesy of Kyle Evans

– My face plastered on it courtesy of episode 7 guest Jeremy Pantoja


  1. I guess 13 really is bad luck. I downloaded all the episodes on my iPod and for whatever reason, episode 13 wouldn’t play and then every time I start to listen to it at work, someone calls me and distracts me. Lol. I will finish episode 13 one day.


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