Episode 14 – Market Schmarket


Guest: Henry Frew, Animator at Fleetwood Gaming Topic: The Market

Wow, this is probably our worst audio yet. Sorry. Henry’s mic was coming in soft, and our lovely levelator couldn’t even bring it all together. We will see what we can do to fix it, but that might take some time. UGH.


Hahaha, well the on schedule recordings sure didn’t last. But schedules be damned, we were able to get 2/3rds of the team together to record up a little diddy for ya. Joining Ryan and Mike this week is Henry Frew, animator at Fleetwood Gaming, and we talk about everything from modding, 3d movies, and addictions to our main topic which is the affect of the market on games, and how games can affect the market. Yes, after two shows of being entirely qualified to talk about the topics at hand, we decided to talk about something this week that we know far less about.

And, we drink some beers while we do it.

This weeks show notes:

3d-ish Wii Head Tracking craziness

Compulsive gaming is not an addiction

Gamestop’s debates against complaints

Gamestop’s secret weapon against download services

– And finally, here is an awesome article Ryan found about game endings only for new versions of the game.


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