Episode 15 – Stark, Raving Mod


Guest: Erik Guilefoyle, ModsOnLine.com, “HL2 Modding for Dummies” Topic: Modding

Back on schedule but like a fat kid on a diet, we’ve got us a fridge full of Slim Fast and the complete “Sweatin’ To the Oldies” collection. This week our topic is modding games with the author of “Quake 4 Modding for Dummies” and “Half Life 2 Modding for Dummies” with Erik “Foyleman” Guilfoyle of Modosnline.com. Erik also does a weekly, live podcast called ModsOnAir and is currently working on a commercial but top-secret game project.

On top of modding, we ponder the news that EA’s quest for originality and fostering new IP doesn’t seem to be as profitable as sequels and rehashes. What does this mean for the kinder, gentler, new EA? And speaking of originality, we also discuss Nintendo fans and the ‘betrayal’ of them to Nintendo’s new beau; the casual market.

This weeks show notes:

Chaser, the video game

Haloid short by Monty Oum


  1. Interesting Podcast. Maybe it’s just me but I got a weird vibe from guest and host interaction. All in all a good listen

  2. Hm, my only guess is that this was probably the first guest none of us really knew or talked to much before, so we might not have been as casual with him as we were with all our other guests, having known them personally from before.

    Compound that with a subject I myself knew very little about, and I know personally I wasn’t as talkative as I could have been. Though I personally learned a lot from this show, as Erik brought a lot of things to my attention I hadn’t paid as much attention to before.


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