Episode 16 – The PRESSures of Games


Guest: Leigh Alexander. Gamasutra/Kotaku/Sexy VideoGameLand Topic: Games Journalism

Happy Birthday 2009! Our gift to you is a new episode of the podcast. I know, we really shouldn’t have.

This show’s guest is Leigh Alexander who is the news editor for Gamasutra, contributor to Variety and Kotaku, and blogs at Sexy Video Game Land. Can you guess what our topic is going to be? You got it, the role of press in games and how they interact with developers and consumers. And since we knew the topic was going to be a good one, we decided to skip first words this time and get right into the meat of it all.

So give it a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

This weeks show notes:

Game Press Symposium

Metal Gear Solid Voice Actors Improv


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