Episode 17 – The Narrative Imperative


Topic: Narrative in Games Guest: David Goldfarb, Lead Designer at DICE

Presenting episode 17, where we talk with David Goldfarb of DICE about narrative and story in games, Rick schools Ryan in Tom & Jerry history and we discuss every gamer’s favorite subject: Lara Croft’s boobs and whether or not they’re responsible for the “disappointing” sales of Tomb Raider: Underworld. Personally, I think Lara embodies female indepedence from a male-dominated society because she doesn’t seem to want to jump where I tell her to…

We had some minor audio hiccups that required some hasty editing thanks to David’s crappy Swedish internet but we switched him to a telephone for the second half. My Finnish connection is just fine. Just saying…

Sorry. Finland made me do it.

Show notes:

I mentioned the Versus Clu Clu Land blog and highly recommend it for deeper thoughts on game narrative.

Jonathan Blow’s Article on Game Narrative at odds with challenge

We couldn’t find any info on the “sketch” mod for Half-Life so if you know about this, please send us a link and we’ll post it here!


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