Episode 20 – Geek Freak OUT!


Topic: Whatcha been up to fool?!

To celebrate episode 20 and approximately 1 year of doing the show, we decided to kick it old school, and record with just the three of us. It is a trail of broken dreams that leads us to many questions. Is ending your series a good thing? Should we really be recording the things we say? Are there games you won’t play because of your own prejudice? Are we really here? Is anyone reading this?

Then we just geek out over games we have been playing, shows we’ve been watching, and what boys we have crushes on.

Show notes:

How to Tweet Away your Fatty Cisco Check
League of Super Evil
Terry Dodson’s Coraline


  1. k. so fallout’s awesome! go play it!.
    but yes you can play the pitt at any time. it links in as a new area to visit. (dont worry, it works.)
    butif you want some good ol’ pittsburgh fun check out,
    zack and miri, smart people, and adventureland (which isnt all that good. but im in it… so go see it!)
    also as for TV shows. you guys totally need to get into LOST…. seriously, i thought itd be dumb, its great! go watch the first 5 episodes in the first seaason and tell me you’re not hooked!
    keep up the good work boys, love the show.

  2. I’ve hear great things about LOST but after having my heart broken by season 2 of Alias, I promised to only stick to JJ Abram’s movies. He’s a bad ass but that man can’t seem to close unless a film studio makes him.

    In fact, to segue back to Mike’s topic, his series are the perfect example of shows that would be much better with a predetermined and finite ending.

  3. Zack and Miri was a pleasant surprise. I think it’s one of Smith’s best movies… and I loved the pittsburgh stuff, except who really drinks IC? Not many people that I know up there drink it. If he would have had a few Yuengling’s in there I’d be impressed.

    The wife and I are about to start watching lost. And they are ending it next year, so we shall see…

  4. Okay, i know this podcast is 2 years old, BUT!
    for the first words,
    Zone of the Enders , 2 game series.
    Was an amazing game, told an entire story in 2 games, and no sequel to my knowledge.


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