Episode 22 – Start Me Up


Topic: Starting up a game studio GuestS: Bryan Jury and Scott Fabianek of Epicenter Games

The gang’s all here for Episode 22, overcompensating with not one but TWO guests: Scott Fabianek, Art Director and Bryan Jury, co-founder, both of Epicenter Studios. We pick their brains about something that so many game developers dream of; starting your own studio and making your own IP!

We had some technical difficulties when recording so please don’t mind there’s a few cuts that couldn’t be easily cleaned up.

Show Notes:

What game would you show to someone who’s never seen one?

“How create a game” on CGTalk

Hot new video game…


  1. I would show Assassin’s Creed and/or STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl for exploration, Braid for mechanics with meaning and Shadow of the Colossus for sheer epicness.

    Some might argue Bioshock for exploration, but for non-gamer relatability you can’t beat a real-world location brought to life before your eyes…


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