Topic: Evolution of Game Animation Guest: Jay Hosfelt, Lead Animator at Epic Games

Super Animation Dance Party Time!

We get back to our roots hardcore this time with an animation centered podcast, joined by Epic Lead Animator Jay Hosfelt, from Gears of War fame. We also ponder the important things in life, such as, “Is it possible to have a favorite game?”, “Has Sixaxis ever worked?”, and “What type of cereal does Cole Train eat?”

Then, to top it off, we do an animation critique of Paul Brown’s Demo Reel.

OH, and don’t miss out on the EPIC ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the show.

Show Notes:

Today’s Kids playing Yesterday’s Games
Part 1
Part 2

Keith Lango talking about Sid the Science Kid

Recoil Games Earth No More

Scrubs FPS


  1. Hi Rick Blankenship, Michael Jungbluth, Ryan D and Jay Hosfelt (of Epic Games)! Thank you all some much for the critique on my Animation Reel! The feedback was very insightful and I really dug you straight-forward approach. You know, it interesting: the works you all said were the strongest on the reel where the one’s I actually hesitated placing on the reel. Thanks for helping me pin-point which works to keep and discard. I look forward to showcasing my new reel in the near future. Overall, the show had a look of good things to say; I really enjoyed the conversation with Jay Hosfelt of Epic Games and the the discussion on the “Science Kids” pipeline. Keep up the good work and I’ll be sure to listen to you guys in the future. I’ll be sure to put a time code on my next reel as well.


  2. No problem Paul, glad to help. And if I seemed bitchy about the frame counter thing, it’s just because the ending of Metal Gear 4 was soooooooooo loooooooooooong I didn’t have time to eat before the podcast and I was cranky 🙂

    I wouldn’t bother with a time code for an actual reel you send out for applications. It’s just a good practice for ones you send out to other animators for crits (and I forget them all the time too; ask Mike and Rick).

    If we’d been able to download the reel, we could’ve just gone by time in Media Player so maybe the solution is to just not embed the reel or (better yet) embed but with a download link.

  3. Awesome show today. You guys rock. That was a great critique of Paul Brown’s work. We went to school together. You all made some really good comments that I could apply to some of my work as well.

  4. Thanks Ryan. “Guns of the Patriots” is such a cool game. H. Kojima is the man!

    I didn’t think your comments were “bitchy” at all. I like how you guys didn’t pull any punches with the critique. I’ll definitely consider making the new reel available for download.

    Hey Kevin! Good to hear from ya.



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