Episode 24a – Reanimators World Tour, part 1


Topic: Living and working abroad Guests: Espen Sogn (Ninja Theory), Neil Alphonso (Splash Damage), Aaron Butler (Yager Development)

Listener Will du Toit pointed out that as awesome as the ReAnimators Podcast is (paraphrasing), it’s been mostly Amero-centric and I have to agree with him. It’s a big world out there and there are opportunities to work in games and animation across state and country lines, even across oceans. And I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s done just that and regretted it. So this week, we’re talking about living and working abroad!

Since this is something I both have experience with and am passionate about, I was really excited to do this episode and I grabbed three of my good friends from the expat scene to join me in the discussion.

Guests this episode are:
Swedish: Espen Sogn, Senior Cutscene Coordinator at Ninja Theory in Cambridge, UK. Also lived in the US, Scotland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

American: Aaron Butler, Senior Multiplayer Designer at Yager Development in Berlin. Also lived in the Netherlands.

Canadian: Neil Alphonso, Lead Level Designer at Splash Damage in London. Also lived in the US and the Netherlands.

Combining a topic we all love with old friends and a few drinks, we ran a whopping three hours on this episode so it’s been split in two to make it a little bit easier for you all to digest.

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  1. Hey guys, fascinating podcast. As someone that's recently moved to Austin from the UK, and worked in numerous locations including Australia… this was a really good listen. I can't wait for the second half. Thanks for bringing up the topic!


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