Episode 25 – Breaking In Part One


TOPIC: Breaking In Stories GUESTS: More than you can shake a stick at

We are BACK! After a 4 month break, we have lived up to our name and returned with a new season.

And as promised, we have a cavalcade of guests!

But, before that, we give a quick update to what we have been up to and of course give our first words. For Ryan that is higher PC game prices and for Mike its calling out gamers hating on bad movies.

But, the meat of the episode are the breaking in stories by:
Noah Falstein
Jon Jones
Brenda Brathwaite
Nicholas Bolden
Dave Taylor
James Everett
Ray Almaden
Logan DeMelt
Tristan Williams

So sit back, enjoy, and be on the look out for episode 26 next week, which features even MORE breaking in stories.

Download link (right-click and save as)

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  1. Sorry Ben! We're in the process of changing servers while Mike, Rick and I are all super busy on our respective projects. It should be back up soon, along with the very, very late episode 26.


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