Episode 26 – More Breaking In Stories


TOPIC: Breaking In Stories GUESTS: More than you can shake a stick at

That was a long weeks wait eh? Without further adieu, here is the second part of our breaking in stories. We jump right into them, because, well, we’ve been crazy swamped finishing our current games. But give it a listen, and if you are going to GDC, both Ryan and myself will be there.

Breaking in stories by:
Jan-Bart van Beek -Art Director, Guerilla Games
Jerod Cherico – Story Artist, Blue Sky
Rich Bisso – Software Engineer/Game Designer, Sony
Alex Bortoluzzi – Co-founder, Xoobis
Mike Jungbluth – Animator, Raven Software
Ryan Duffin – Senior Animator, Remedy Games

Download link (right-click and save as)


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