Episode 27 – Re-RE-Animated


TOPIC: Animation and general BS

And here ya go.  We just delivered on a promise.

Rick, Ryan and myself got together to catch up and decided to record some first words while we were at it.  Beyond what we have been up to, we talk about E3, Developer Celebrity, and Animation Tips.  And we quabble about software packages because… well… thats what animators do. Yes, I know. You missed us.

Download link (right-click and save as)

Show Notes:
Leigh Alexander’s article about Developer Celebrity
Desctructoid covering Cliffy B tweeting about poor news coverage
Speaking of Animation
Monday Night Combat Videos


  1. Glad to have you back! I enjoyed the software debate tangent. We just had the same debate at work (we’re using Max with CAT.) I think the biggest draw back for Max vs Maya (I’m not sure it was mentioned) is referencing rigs. We’ve had a few changes to our rigs over the past 2 months and it generally means transferring each animation individually. We do have it scripted to save and load CAT clips but if it was referenced the rig changes would just show up in each file….blah blah animators do go off on these things.

  2. I really enjoyed episode 27. I hope that you guys can get together once Ryan finishes his schooling in France and talk about that experience – I’m interested to hear what it was like.
    Also like it when you guys “talk shop”. Please keep talking about animation and the tools and tricks when you can.


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