Episode 28 – It’s all a Blur


Once again it’s on. In this episode we bring in Rocky Vanoost, Lead Animator at Blur Studios, to talk about Cinematics in games. We also hit on Mike’s newfound lust for mocap, Rick’s oldfound lust for strippers (just kidding honey), and Ryan’s general lust for all things German.

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Show Notes:
The sad story of a strippers worthless art education
Midway Logo trashed
Josh Burton’s Morpheus rig (customizable Maya rig): www.joshburton.com


  1. Whoops, good looking out Gareth. It should be available now, a mere month after it was initially released. WordPress is new to all of us so something like this was bound to happen.

  2. On the subject of schools, learning the craft, etc. yea I agree about the schools. They advertise/say they have great placement and such but you do have to work your but off for it, which they don’t tell you. Really there are alot of things they don’t tell you which is a problem and kinda your own fault for not looking into it before you commit.

    Let me ask you guys this, I thought of this while listening to that part. Do you think there is enough information on the web, places offering training videos for sale, etc. for someone to learn enough to get a career if they put enough hard work into it or would you still say going to a school is better but finding to right one?

    I went to a one year school myself and I can certainly say it wasn’t enough to get a grasp of everything 3D, didn’t go over anything to do with lighting and not much texturing.

  3. It is definitely possible for people to be self taught using books and online resources. It just all comes down to drive. Really, motivation just needs to exist in larger quantities the less money you spend on your education. Also, it depends on people’s learning style. Personally, I like to watch someone who knows what they are doing before I feel comfortable trying new technology. But I know others learn more from just figuring it out on their own. I would say SOME sort of education is always going to be better than none, but there are so many specialized institutions at this point, I think if people have the drive at all, they can find what they are looking for.

  4. I thought this discussion was great. As, for your guest, Rocky Vanoost, I thought it was cool how he used to work for Midway and on the title “John Woo presents: Stranglehold” I still play this game to this day and it is one of my all time favorites.


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