Episode 32 – Design-imation


TOPIC: Where Game Design and Animation Meet
GUEST: Steve Bowler, Lead Combat Designer at Phosphor Games

So I guess this time we are Re-Re-RE Animated?!

This is a show I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and Steve is a guest I’ve been wanting to have on for almost just as long. Steve started as an animator but has transitioned to a design role, which I find infinitely interesting. He also used to be anonymous online, which I also find interesting, since we have often times wondered if actively speaking our mind on this podcast is very wise. But before that, we touch on my verbose nature and the numbers Metacritic now wants to attach to our names.

Sadly, Ryan and Rick couldn’t make the show, but I’m sure we will get the band back together soon. Then we can catch up on whats new and rock your ears with our sweet, smooth melodies.

Download link (right-click and save as)

Show Notes:
Mike’s Applying Animation Principles to Game Design Posts
Mike’s Posts on #AltDevBlogADay
Metacritic now rates Developers
Steve’s Article on the Standoff feature in Strangelhold


  1. This is a great conversation on Animation working with Design. I think it really helps an animator to get involved in design, in order to take ownership in what they are creating. When you do that it becomes so much more fun as it can take the task from a factory-like environment to one of the most creative environments you can work in. I’ve been very lucky to have worked with programmers and designers that let me get involved and overlap with what they do and that’s produced great results.

  2. Despite the lack of my lovely voice on this one, I gotta say Mike & Steve rocked this one hard. I know some designers who’d take issue with a lot of the opinions expressed here but they’re wrong 😛 You guys are right. Rock the F on.


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