Episode 42 – An Indie Approach to Animation


TOPIC: Indie Games & Animation
GUEST: David Rosen, Founder of Wolfire Games

A New Episode! I could type something or you could just go listen. You should do that.

You should also check out David’s games, which include Overgrowth, Receiver and Lugaru. You should also check out all the games in the show notes.

And finally, you should smile, because it looks so darn good on you.

Download link (right-click and save as)

Show Notes:
David’s Animation Bootcamp Summaries
Deadly Premonition & Troll 2
Gish by Alex Austin
A New Zero by Alex Austin
Intrusion 2
Spy Party by Chris Hecker


  1. Thanks for these. It is interesting hearing David’s voice as I’ve watched all of the Overgrowth development videos.

    In the early Battlefield games there were something like 3 sub sets of controls, on foot, car/boat and plane. This allowed my friend to use a joystick when in a plane for example and kick my arse. I think it is ok to require the player to change controls when switching vehicles or when entering a different type of puzzle for example.


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