Episode 43 – Talking with the 2014 GDC Bootcampers


TOPIC: GDC 2014 Animation Bootcamp
GUESTS: Oh So Many

Welcome to the Annual ReAnimators Podcast. Or at least, it feels that way eh?

Just like last year, we rounded up all the bootcamp presenters to chat about themselves and their talks. If this doesn’t make you want to attend the bootcamp, then you probably don’t care about animation. Or games. Or this website. The former I would question, but the later I can appreciate.

To the digital airwaves!

GDC 2014 Animation Bootcamp
SanFrancisco, CA
March 17th

Animation Bootcamp Talks
Achieving A Believable Performance
Establishing An Ecology For NPCs
Fluid and Powerful Animation Within Frame Restrictions
Animating the Spy Fantasy In Splinter Cell Blacklist
Animation Prototyping For Games
An Indie Approach to Procedural Animation
Using the Power of Layered Animation to Expand Premium Content in Battlefield 4
Animating Cameras for Games
An Animator’s Approach to Directing an Idea

Animation and Character Performance Roundtables
The Role of Animators
The Future of Game Animation
Animation Techniques, Tips and Tricks

GDC Main Conference Animation Talks
2D Animation at Klei Entertainment
Discovering the Story and Character in the Real-Tim, Animated Short Film Unplugged
Super Powering the Saints: Animation Direction of Saints Row IV’s Super Jumping
Designing the Bungie Animation Workflow

Show Notes
Rain World
Concrete Practices to Be A Better Leader


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