Episode 44 – GDC in 3 Parts


TOPIC: GDC 2014 with
Rick Blankenship @rickblankenship
Mike Jungbluth @lightbombmike
Ryan Duffin @animationmerc
Matt Derksen @mattderksen
Simon Unger @simonunger
Jay Hosfelt @hosfross
Tim Borrelli @anim8der
Mellissa Shim @SlappaDeBass
Victor Chavez @TorVez

It took 7 months to edit this episode. One may think this had to do with Ryan’s busy schedule, but NO! It was literally him sitting in front of a screen for 7 months editing our longest episode to date. So long, it had to be broken into 3 parts!

And how did this monstrosity come into being? Well, one fateful Wednesday night in March, during GDC, a slew of us got together, with a case of Anchor Steam, fired up the Snowball mic, and just talked like we normally would at such an event. If you ever wanted to get a drink with a bunch of professional animators, but never had the chance, now you do! Grab a cold one, and enjoy!

And if you want to be part of conversations like this in person, do think about coming to the next GDC Animation Bootcamp, March 2nd! We will be announcing the speakers and schedule soooooon!

Part One: The Calm Before The Storm
GDC Animation Bootcamp
Geek out on David Rosen’s talk
Increased scrutiny on animation in games
Should animation be a sub-department under art or should it be it’s own department with it’s own director?
Rise of the game animation community
Junior animators and outsourcing

Part Two: Down the rabbit hole
Thinks veer a little more off course…
Jay joins the frey
Developer and games media relations
Early internet stories
Improving GDC roundtables and Q&A, devs and students
1st party and 3rd party tools
Animation degrees
Sexy clowns

Part 3: The Shitshow
What we would be doing if not animating
Muse questions for the new folks
Ryan’s stupid car


  1. Great episode! First time I listen and it was a very fun, loose and (believe it or not) informative podcast.

    It’s funny that someone says “I’ll edit it [the podcast] in the plane back home” and it finally took 7 MONTHS to put it together!

    Waiting for the next one.

  2. Glad you liked it! Mike was the one who said he could edit it on the flight home if he had his laptop. I was the one who actually edited it.

    With the time it took to edit this, I would have to live in China to be able to finish it before landing 🙂


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