Episode 44 Part 2


TOPIC: GDC 2014 with
Rick Blankenship @rickblankenship
Mike Jungbluth @lightbombmike
Ryan Duffin @animationmerc
Matt Derksen @mattderksen
Simon Unger @simonunger
Jay Hosfelt @hosfross
Tim Borrelli @anim8der
Mellissa Shim @SlappaDeBass
Victor Chavez @TorVez

In Order for iTunes to get all of these, we need to break each into individual posts. If you want to hear all three in one place, go here

Part Two: Down the rabbit hole
Thinks veer a little more off course…
Jay joins the frey
Developer and games media relations
Early internet stories
Improving GDC roundtables and Q&A, devs and students
1st party and 3rd party tools
Animation degrees
Sexy clowns


  1. yes, that’s a wacom pen that I’m holding err balancing in our banner. I use it instead of a mouse for animating. Drawn by Jungbluth.

    Thanks for the listen Cawood! We need to catch up soon.


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