Episode 45 – Talking with the 2015 GDC Bootcampers



TOPIC: GDC 2015 Animation Bootcamp

GUESTS: Oh So Many

Well hey there! It’s time for our annual meet the bootcamp speakers episode. This time I am joined by Tim Borrelli as we put some lovely voices to the equally lovely names. This is a pretty long episode, so I included time stamps below for when we start talking to each guest.

And as you listen, do swing by our brand spanking new forum to give us your thoughts and let us know if you will be at the Bootcamp on March 2nd! And then stick around and post your thoughts on other animation related things while you are at it!



Download link (right-click and save as)

Mariel Cartwright 0:09 
James Benson 0:28
Elliot Grossman 0:53
Jonathan Cooper 1:09
Brianna Wu 1:43
Lee Dowsett & Geoff Harrower  2:17
Jami Jeffcoat 2:33
Mike Bithell 2:49

Show Notes
Ori and the Blind Forest
Dance Fortress 2
Half Life Trailer by James
Revolution 60
UFC Tech



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