Thanks for stopping by the ReAnimators Podcast blog. Here is where you can find info about the show and the voices behind it.

The ReAnimators Podcast is where three guys working as animators in the video games industry discuss (or as Mike would say “Nerd-slap”) topics surrounding the creation of and the business behind games, film, animation and comic books.

We’ll be pulling favors to drag fellow game developers, animators and artists into the roundtable (or at least to their Skype headset) with us for interviews and/or the discussion of the week.

We’ll also try to post relevant links here to the topics being discussed on the weekly shows so you can make up your own minds on the source material that inspires our topics. Feedback on the show and what you’d like to see more of (or less of) is more than welcome, as long as we can keep it constructive and semi-mature.

Thanks again and please be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes!

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Lead Gameplay Animator at The Coalition. Previous studios include Phoenix Labs, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, and Robotoki.


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