GDC 2016 – Wednesday’s Podcast


In this episode, recorded on the Wednesday of GDC16, we get ten animators in a hotel room and mix in a lot of beer. The result is what made us want to start AnimState in the first place. A way to keep these candid, fun conversations about what we do going all year, not just at a convention.

This episode features:

Andy Miller, Senior Animator at Crierion Games, LinkedIn
Jay Hosfelt, Lead Animator at Epic Games,  @HossFross
Craig Koehn, Animation Director at EA Vancouver, LinkedIn
Matt Derksen, Animation Director at EA Vancouver, @mattderksen
Simon Unger, Senior Animator at Phoenix Labs, @Simonunger
Dan Lowe, Senior Technical Animator at Ubisoft Montreal, @danlowlows
Kristjan Zadziuk, Animation Director at Ubisoft Toronto, @KrisZadziuk
Tim Borrelli, Animator Supreme, @Anim8der
Lana Bachynski, Animator at Blizzard Entertainment, @Latienie
Ryan Duffin, Senior Animator at DICE LA, @AnimationMerc

Not to mention our new theme music created by the very awesome @Latienie and @JakeClarkDude

And make sure to keep the conversation going on the forum!

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Lead Gameplay Animator at The Coalition. Previous studios include Phoenix Labs, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, and Robotoki.


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