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Animation Diversity Foundation #GDCANIM Scholarship 2020

Hi everyone, it’s that time of year again!

Applications for the #GDCANIM Scholarships are now open. You’ll notice something different this year- we are now offering them as a part of the Animation Diversity Foundation (ADF), in association with AnimState. In addition to awarding 5 Core & Summits Passes, we are also working on a few new things. Please read below for details!


What is the Animation Diversity Foundation?

The ADF is a new organization whose mission is to provide continued educational and professional support to under-represented groups in the game development animation community.

We currently offer the #GDCANIM scholarship in order to meet that mission.

What is the #GDCANIM Scholarship?

The #GDCANIM Scholarship provides Core & Summits level passes to GDC in San Francisco, to 5 recipients. Consistent with the ADF mission statement, we aim to increase access and opportunity to marginalized or under-represented groups in the games industry, in order to improve diversity and inclusion. Scholarship recipients will also be focused on animation-related disciplines, such as character animation, technical animation/rigging, animation programming, etc.


Who is eligible for the scholarship?

Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  •         18 years of age or older by March 16, 2020 (please note that some social aspects of GDC may require attendees to be 21 or older)
  •         Able to attend GDC 2020 in San Francisco
  •         Currently a student or has less than 2 years of experience in the video game industry
  •         Must study or work in an animation discipline in game dev (animator, tech animator/rigger, animation programmer, technical designer in animation, etc).
  •         Applicants can receive this scholarship a maximum of one time

Everyone is welcome to apply, but we will keep consistent with our mission and give preference to members of an under-represented group, including but not limited to LGBTQIA+, women, minorities, disabled persons, and new parents.

For non-US residents: Recipients are not limited to US residents/citizens. In the past, we have awarded scholarships to international students. However, you must be able to legally travel to the United States. Letters of invitation needed to obtain a visa are available from the GDC Registration Department. Please see their FAQ for more details: https://gdconf.com/faq

Application Guidelines

Here are the guidelines to apply:

The application window is open from 12AM Pacific Time on October 29, 2019, and will close at 11:59PM Pacific Time on December 2, 2019.

We strive to keep the application as accessible as possible and have kept it to 6 required questions. Applicants are expected to answer each question- Please take care in your responses! Your answers to the questions will matter in our final selection. Please be prepared to submit demo reels or other work to support your application, as well.

Our judging panel, consisting of 3 to 5 volunteers, will evaluate each application. The panel’s membership is diverse, in experience as well as demographic, and includes previous scholarship recipients.

Five applications will be selected to receive the scholarship, and five will be waitlisted on the chance that chosen recipients cannot attend.

Applicants selected to receive a scholarship must accept or decline within 3 days or 72 hours of being sent the notification email. The email will include instructions on how to do so. If a recipient does not accept, the committee will offer the scholarship to a waitlisted applicant.

Recipients will be notified by December 28, 2019.

Once a recipient has accepted, they will be sent a code for use on the GDC website to acquire their GDC pass.


Q: Is there a travel stipend?

A: We will provide a small stipend to all winners. The amount is currently $500 for each winner, and may increase.


Q: Are any activities planned for the winners?

A: We are planning a dinner for all past and present winners who are attending GDC 2020.


Q: Will there be a mentor or buddy program?

A: We are in the early stages of developing a mentor program for winners. We will have more details in the coming months!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: animdiversityfund@gmail.com