GDC 2019 Animation Related Talks


The 2019 GDC talks are now available on the GDC Vault, and here are the talks that most relate to animation. Most of these are behind a paywall, and will likely stay that way for the next two years. But anything with an * before the name means it is free! And hopefully some of the Animation Bootcamp talks will be made free soon.

If there is a talk missing that you think should be on here, let us know in the comments and we can add it to the list!

Happy viewing and we hope to see you there next year!

Animation Bootcamp: ‘God of War’: Breathing New Life into a Hardened Spartan by Bruno Velazquez
Animation Bootcamp: Animating Memorable Characters that Communicate Without Words by Atsuko Fukuyama & Alexis Broadhead
*Animation Bootcamp: Animation Microtalks by Lana Bachynski, John Paul Rhinemiller, Gwen Frey, Kristin Palach, Yussef Cole, Heather Alexandra MacIntyre, Nikita Taranduke, Mike Jungbluth, Brandon Nason, Nikki Roth & Ryan Duffin
*Animation Bootcamp: Animation Tricks of the Trade by Melissa Shim, Zack Wolfe, Raul Ibarra, Jake Clark, Sophie Evans & Sylvia Chong
Animation Bootcamp: Freelancing for Animators by John Malaska
Animation Bootcamp: Rocket Man: Creating Flight for ‘Anthem’ by David Hoang & Daniel Nordlander
Animation Bootcamp: Script to Screen: The Development Diary of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ by Brian Wyser
*Bringing Orphea to ‘Heroes of the Storm’ by Lana Bachynski
Creating a Deeper Emotional Connection: The Cinematography of ‘God of War’ by Dori Arazi
*Design vs. Story: How ‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’ Addressed the Elephant in the Room by Marianne Hayden
Keyframes and Cardboard Props: The Cinematic Process Behind ‘God of War’ by Erica Pinto
Playing in the Real World with ‘Project Create’: Characters and UI with Spatial Awareness by David Wilson & Jonathan Brodsky
Rethinking Your Performance Capture Pipeline with Machine Learning by Stephen Shaw
The Animation of ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ by Robert Coddington

Technical Animation
Animation Bootcamp: Animating the Main Villain in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ (or “What, I’m Rigging HOW Many Legs?!”) by Sophie Brennan
(Super)Humans of New York: Managing the Many Faces in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ by Noah Alzayer
Maximizing Animation and Cinematic Content Workflows for ‘Just Cause 4’ by Brian Venisky
Technical Artist Bootcamp: Real-Time Cloth Solutions on ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ by Sophie Brennan

A New Era of Performance Capture with Machine Learning by Daniel Holden
Back to the Future! Working with Deterministic Simulation in ‘For Honor’ by Jennifer Henry
From Motion Matching to Motion Synthesis, and All the Hurdles In Between by Fabio Zinno
Math for Game Developers: Inside Neural Networks by Michael Buttner

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ AI Postmortem by Adam Noonchester
A Dark Mind: The AI of “The Dark” in ‘BELOW’ by Robin Vierich
A House Built on Sand: Engineering Stable and Reliable AI by Ben Sunshine-Hill
Fighting Sequelitis: Creating Combat NPCs for ‘Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’ by Drew Rechner & Philip Dunstan
Magic Leap: Enhancing Game Experiences with Character AI by Andrew Moran & Jordan Carlton
NPCs Have Feelings Too: Verbal Interactions with Emotional Character AI by Gautier Boeda
Stop Fighting! Systems for Non-Combat AI by Rez Graham
Turing Tantrums: AI Devs Rant!! by Luke Dicken, Steve Rabin, Nicole Lazzaro, Rez Graham, Ben Sunshine-Hill, Brian Schwab & Emily Short

‘Devil May Cry 5’: Creating a Standout Action Game by Michiteru Okabe, Hideaki Itsuno & Matt Walker
Concrete Jungle Gym: Building Traversal in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ by Doug Sheahan
*Conquering the Creative Challenges in ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ by Bryan Intihar
Evolving Combat in ‘God of War’ for a New Perspective by Mihir Sheth
*Raising Atreus for Battle in ‘God of War’ by Hayato Yoshidome
*Reinventing ‘God of War’ by Cory Barlong
Taking an Axe to ‘God of War’ Gameplay by Jason McDonald

Characters to Get Immersed In: Creating the Cast of ‘Blood & Truth’ by Toby Hynes
Creating Captivating and Simple Visuals: The Power of Intentional Design by Dan Cox
*Environment Design as Spatial Cinematography: Theory and Practice by Miriam Bellard

Art Direction Bootcamp: Building a Creative Future with Artificial Intelligence by Andrew Maximov
Art Direction Bootcamp: Building Worlds Through Shape Language by Patrick Faulwetter
Art Direction Bootcamp: Digital Beauty: Visual Emotions in Game Development by Alessandro Taini
Art Direction Bootcamp: Don’t Forget the Team: Directing Careers by Keith Self-Ballard
Art Direction Bootcamp: Team Growth and Preserving Team Culture on ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ by Jacinda Chew
Art Direction Bootcamp: What They Don’t Teach You in Art School: Lessons for First Time Leads by Erica Pinto
Producer Bootcamp: Fix Your Broken Meetings by Keith Self-Ballard


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