GDC2017 Podcast


At past GDC’s, we’ve tried to record at least a couple of podcasts. It’s a testament to the concentration of amazing stuff happening the week of GDC2017 that it was near-impossible for a group of us to find time to sit down and chat.

The gang managed to wrangle the handful of folks who were still around on the Friday after the convention wrapped up to talk about their favorite moments from the week as well as the game animation community in general. They were able to fit an impressive amount of people into Tim’s hotel room, including several newcomers to the podcast!

It’s always a challenge to record everyone clearly with a single mic in a hotel room, so apologies for the audio levels being as little uneven, but we hope you enjoy the conversation anyways.

In this podcast we have…

Lana Bachynski – Animator – Blizzard Entertainment

Michael Sewell – Technical Design Animator – Gearbox Software

Ryan Duffin – Animator – DICE LA

Zach Lowery – Senior Animator – Boss Key

Jake Clark – Animator – Studio MDHR

Mike Jungbluth – Lead Animator – Volition

Max Gariepy – Animator – EA Motive

Dan Lowe – Senior Technical Animator – Visceral Games

Dan Perry – Animator – Freelance

Damon Shelton – Technical Animation Director – DICE LA

Gwen Frey – Technical Animator and Co Founder – Molasses Flood

Esther Ko – Animator – Hi-Rez

Tim Borelli – Owner – Squats & Stretch Animation

Aslak Helgesen – Animator and Character Artist – Rain Games

Simon Ridge – Lead Animator – Creative Assembly

Adriana Pucciano – Lead Animator – Creative Assembly

Brian Venisky – Senior Technical Animator – Avalanche Games New York

Luc Tremblay – Animation/Gameplay Programmer – Panache Digital Games