Keyframe of Mind – Episode 01


We’re super excited to be hosting a new podcast from an awesome group of animators…

A Keyframe of Mind is a podcast about the game industry and life as a developer. Join your hosts, animators Jenny, Ju Li, Katie, and Esther, as they discuss topics ranging from best practices in animation, navigating the industry, and the never-ending journey to improve and grow personal creativity.

In this episode we introduce ourselves and reveal our deepest darkest secrets – that is to say why each of us got into animation and game development, how we survived our first days as animators for games, applicable life skills we learned outside of game dev, and what keeps us excited and learning even when in-engine compression wrecks our animations over and over. We’re excited to embark on a podcast adventure together and hope you will join us!

A little about the hosts:

Jenny: Animator, scary carnivorous plant enthusiast. They’re pretty cool, confirmed by science. Skynet compatible. Butts. Food.

Ju Li: Asian by birth, Geek by nature, 3D Animator by trade. Cosplays sometimes, is odd at all times.

Katie: Animator. Mocap Janitor. Chalk Artist. Bird Lady.

Esther: Taiwanese animator. French fry aficionado. Traveler. Lover of bad puns and guilty dog videos. Participation-award-winning karaoke league participant.

You can follow the podcast on Twitter HERE

While you’re at it, follow Katie, Ju Li, Jenny, and Esther on Twitter as well!





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